Olivia Rodrigo admits she has a trick up her sleeve when it comes to composing music.

During an interview with Vogue for the Met Gala, while the singer got ready for the event, she revealed she has “minor, baby synesthesia.”

Rodrigo said that often when her team helps her get ready for an event, they listen to music.

“I also have minor, baby synesthesia, so when I listen to songs I’ll see colours,” she explained.

Synesthesia is a condition in which, when one sense is activated, unrelated senses can be activated as well.

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In fact, a lot of the songs on her debut album SOUR are tinted purple, which is why the overall aesthetic for this era of music for her is in that hue.

“Lots of the songs on SOUR are purple. ‘Driver’s License’ is purple, but ‘Good 4 U’ is like a purpley-blue. ‘Jealousy, Jealousy’ is a bright red, ‘Deja Vu’ is like orange and pink and light purple,” she revealed. “I like having purple as the cohesive colour throughout my whole SOUR era.”

Speaking more on her look for the Met Gala, her stylists Chloe and Chenelle Delgadillo said she hadn’t had a “purple moment” in terms of looks yet, and were hopeful this could be it.

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Olivia Rodrigo – Photo: Gotham/Getty Images
Olivia Rodrigo – Photo: Gotham/Getty Images

Rodrigo had her purple moment indeed, as she headed to the event that night in a sparkling purple Versace dress with matching butterflies in her hair.

Her hair was inspired by “silent movie-era” stars from the gilded age who had “big brushed-out waves,” according to hairstylist Clayton Hawkins — an appropriate choice for the 2022 gala’s theme of “Gilded Glamour and White Tie.”