Kelly Rizzo continues to mourn the death of husband Bob Saget, who died unexpectedly in January at age 65.

Rizzo joined Amanda Kloots of “The Talk” — who likewise lost her husband, Nick Cordero, last year — during a panel discussion, with each discussing the connection she feels to her husband despite their deaths.

In fact, that’s a word that Rizzo is loathe to day, as People reported.

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“You’ll notice I still don’t say the D-word — I say ‘the day everything happened,'” Rizzo told Kloots at the Los Angeles event, held on Wednesday, May 11.

“It’s like, he’s still my husband,” Rizzo explained. “It’s not like, ‘Oh, he’s my former husband.’ It’s like… the relationship is different now. It’s just — it is what it is.”

Rizzo has moved into a new home since “the day everything happened,” but Saget’s presence still looms large. “I mean, I still talk to him and I have his pictures everywhere,” she said.

“His girls came to stay with me for you know, the first time since I moved into the new house just this last week, and they walked in and I was like, ‘So it’s kind of like a museum to your dad, so don’t freak out but yes, he’s everywhere,'” she added. “And then they’ll catch me like talking to a picture every once in a while, and they’re like ‘Stepmommy Kelly, are you okay?'”

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In fact, Rizzo noted that her relationship with Saget’s daughters has been a crucial part of her own personal recovery from grief.

“I know Bob would want me to be there for his girls,” Rizzo said. “I’m not as focused on my own grief when I’m trying to help them or support them or be there for them. When I’m doing little things to try to make them happy, it kind of takes me out of my head. And I’m also at the same time being like, ‘Oh, this would make Bob so happy, just knowing that I’m trying to make them happy.'”

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