Patrick Schwarzenegger is proving he’s got the chops.

The 28-year-old shared a series of posts on his Instagram Story of various people’s surprised reactions to his performance in the new HBO Max series “The Staircase”.

Even Schwarzenegger’s friends sent him messages like, “Holy f**k bro. You’re so good in the show. The f**k did that come from.”

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Sharing tweets he thought were “quite funny,” one viewer commented, “The biggest revelation from the premiere episode is Patrick Schwarzenegger… can act?”

Another added, “Patrick Schwarzenegger beating the bad acting allegations? HBO really are miracle workers.”

In an interview with Insider, the actor talked about starring in the series, inspired by the true-crime docuseries about Michael Peterson, who was accused of killing his wife Kathleen in 2001. Schwarzenegger plays Peterson’s son Todd.

Asked if he consulted with his father Arnold Schwarzenegger about the role, he said, “A lot of sons go to their father for advice with anything. I definitely go to him like that, but I didn’t go to him for this specific character.”

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The actor also revealed that his dad already loved the story after watching the documentary.

“He had watched the miniseries and he was obsessed with it as well once he found out that I got cast in this,” Schwarzenegger said.

He also used both the documentary and director Antonio Campos to help him get the character of Todd just right.

“Antonio Campos was with the story for like, 10 years. He was such a treasure chest of information. He had so much uncut footage from the documentary to pull from, and interviews to read, and he was almost a one-stop shop of information.”