The judges of “Britain’s Got Talent” have seen a lot of unique acts over the years, but it’s safe to say they’ve never seen anyone like Tulga.

In fact, Simon Cowell’s jaw literally dropped when he watched the strongman stroll onto the stage, carrying a gigantic wooden beam.

He then placed the beam atop his shoulders as a pair of crew members, equipped with blowtorches, lit each end of the beam on fire.

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He then proceeded to perform an array of extreme tricks, such as balancing the beam on his head and spinning it around, and even balancing the massive hunk of burning wood on a metal bar he held in his mouth, hands-free, spinning it around like a flaming helicopter.

He then flung the burning beam into the air and caught it, causing gasps in the audience.

“We can’t comprehend how heavy that is,” one judge remarks.

But then there was the grand finale, with Tulga hanging upside down, suspended from ropes, while holding the weight of the spinning, flaming beam attached to a chain held between his teeth.

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Viewers will find out in this week’s episode whether that amazing feat of strength puts him through to the next round.