Rap and pianist duo Flintz & T4ylor gave “Britain’s Got Talent” everything the judges look for with their “absolutely perfect audition.”

Flintz, 22, and T4ylor, 17, had never rehearsed together prior to the audition. The two met virtually “through the first lockdown, via Instagram” and it wasn’t until the day of their audition that they met each other for the first time in real life.

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T4ylor told the judges how he sent the piano backing to Flintz over social media so that he could practice his original rap “Change”, a song written for his younger brothers, to inspire them to not take “the same footsteps” he once did.

“I want them to be better than me,” Flintz shared, noting that he was a “troublesome kid.”

The “real” performance was like a “scene from a great movie” and received a roaring applause and standing ovation from the audience and judges. Flintz’s family proudly cheered him on and got emotional over his success.

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‘”There are a lot of people watching that who will relate and they’ll take a very positive message from it,” David Walliams said of the audition.

With T4ylor’s “phenomenal” piano performance and Flintz’s “clear and passionate” storytelling, Alesha Dixon saved the “best till last” and pressed down on her golden buzzer, sending Flintz & T4ylor straight to the semi-final.