Mariska Hargitay is speaking out against the expected Roe v. Wade ruling reversal in the U.S.

Taking to Instagram on Friday, the “Law & Order: SVU” star posted an impassioned plea condemning the “majority draft opinion” allegedly penned by U.S. Justice Samuel Alito.

The 58-year-old star writes that 23 years on “SVU” has helped informed her outrage over the impending decision.

“The show has evolved over the years, but its overarching theme remains: the protection of the most vulnerable among us, and justice for all survivors,” she writes, calling the leaked opinion “immoral” and “unethical.” The actress shared how the ruling would “disproportionately affect” marginalized groups who cannot afford to travel to a state where abortion would still be legal, including “women of colour, women with disabilities, women with modest or no means, trans people,” among others.

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“Eliminating these rights will only increase the difficulties many of these groups already face, and those among them who often have the least, will suffer the most,” her lengthy post reads.

She also expressed her concern for victims who become pregnant by sexual assault. Describing the reversal as “violent eradication of choice”  for victims who would become criminally liable should they terminate a pregnancy caused by rape.

“First, a perpetrator makes decisions about a victim’s body, followed by decisions made by a legislature,” Hargitay writes. “After an assault turns the victim’s body into a crime scene, she could soon face the reality that without access to legal abortion, she cannot terminate a resulting pregnancy without turning her body into yet another crime scene.”

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Urging others to stand up and speak out, Hargitay says “the re-litigation of our rights must end.”

“The insulting, demeaning, negating struggle is not over, and neither is our obligation to do everything we can to protect those whose wounds are deepest in this fight,” the post ends with her signing her name.