Ellen DeGeneres was a big inspiration to Kate McKinnon.

On Monday, the “Saturday Night Live” star is appearing on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”, and in a preview, she shares just how much the host means to her.

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After seeing McKinnon’s “flattering” impression of her on “SNL”, DeGeneres actually picked up the phone and called the comedian.

“Imagine me, I’m from Long Island,” McKinnon says, “this is my idol, and then she calls me on the phone and I’m in the hallway at work and I’m like, ‘Yes, Ms. DeGeneres. I’m a fan….'”

She also shares that DeGeneres actually inspired her to get over her fear of dancing, explaining, “I refused to dance. I thought, No, I’m too strange, they’ll all laugh at me.”

For her last appearance on the show, McKinnon also shares a letter that she wrote, imagining what she would have written to DeGeneres when she was 13.

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“Dear Mrs. DeGeneres,” she begins. “My name is Kate, I’m from Long Island. It’s come to my attention that I’m gay as hell. No one else is gay for 200,000 miles, so it’s nice to know that you exist. I bet if I ever met you I would act so weird, so I hope I never do.”

She continues, “Thank you for being so funny, and such an inspiration and making me feel less alone. P.s. My iguana isn’t eating, what do I do?”