Celine Dion is preparing to follow in Gwyneth Paltrow and Reese Witherspoon’s footsteps.

The Quebecois singer is launching a line of lifestyle products which are models after her most important values: “family, music, entertainment and style,”; Billboard reports.

The news comes less than a month after receiving a standing ovation for an emotional performance of Queen’s  “The Show Must Go On”; at the 2016 Billboard Music Awards.

According to Dion’s distribution partner Epic Rights, the collection bear much of the singer’s essence. “In today’s world, you need a coordinating and consistent branded approach to everything,” CEO, Dell Furano, exclusively told Billboard. “On a global level, [artists] need to combine all areas — their music, performances, touring, website, social media — and launching a lifestyle brand was just a natural extension for Celine at this point in her career, particularly because it’s all from her point of view.”

Dion’s collection, which ranges from “active wear, accessories, eyewear, beauty, and travel product,”; is slated to hit stores beginning in 2017, over an 18-month roll-out.

“This is a very organized, very well thought out program,” Furano added. “And what makes this unique from [other artist programs] is simple: it is Celine herself.”