It isn’t easy for John Legend to share his most personal and difficult moments.

Speaking with the Guardian, the “All of Me” singer opened up about his next album and how it will capture the grief and pain he has endured.

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“There’s music dealing with grief and what it feels like to mourn, and to try to pick up the pieces after you’ve lost something,” he says of the record, due out later this year. “When you lose a pregnancy and you have to go through that grief together, it can be really difficult for a family. Hopefully creating music out of it can be healing for me and for other people, too.”

In September 2020, Legend’s wife Chrissy Teigen suffered a miscarriage, losing their son Jack, which the singer controversially documented and shared with a series of black-and-white photos from the hospital immediately after the tragedy.

“It was raw, sharing our experience,” Legend told the Guardian. “I was worried but our instinct was to do it because people knew we were pregnant and Chrissy felt like she needed to tell the story completely about what happened.”

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Reacting to the response the couple received online for sharing that moment so publicly, Legend said, “I was amazed by the outpouring of love and support we felt. Also, we found out how many other families have gone through this. It was a powerful and brave thing that Chrissy did to share that because it made so many people feel like they were seen and that they weren’t alone.

“We were tested,” he added. “It was a tragedy. But I think it strengthened our resolve and our resilience because we were there for each other. We came out even more sure of who we were as a couple and as a family.”

Legend and Teigen have two children together: four-year-old Miles and six-year-old Luna.