Simu Liu is one proud Canadian.

The actor hosted Sunday night’s Juno Awards live from the Budweiser Stage in Toronto for the first time in-person in three years due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Liu gushed about his hometown in his opening monologue, which was a new and improved version of the much-loved “I Am Canadian” Molson commercial, seemingly referencing that infamous Will Smith Oscars slap, his fellow Canadian artists, the Toronto Maple Leafs, and more.

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The star began, “Some crazy energy Toronto. It’s almost as if you guys have been cooped up at home for two years straight or something. Now we are broadcasting live nationwide at Budweiser Stage so if anyone has ever wanted to go viral like around the world now’s your chance. Come on, the floor is open. Have at ‘er.

“No one? Avril? Shawn? Any takers? Front row? Nobody wants to slap me? Okay, hey sure. Suit yourselves.”

Liu continued, “We’re here to celebrate artists like Shawn Mendes, Avril Lavigne, and Arcade Fire who like me have all fulfilled the ultimate Canadian dream of making it in America.

“Yes, but… but… to our credit we always come back… we do… because we love this country. I love this country.”

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Giving a shout-out to Tim Hortons and his love of hockey, Liu went on: “I proudly fill my days with Canadian inventions like basketball, Timbiebs, or insulin, and hey not a lot of people know this but Canada also invented the pacemaker, which we all desperately need because the Leafs keep giving us heart attacks. Better luck next year, boys.”

He added, “In Canada you can truly have anything except for affordable housing. That one’s a tough one. And whether you call it a cabin, a camp or a cottage, we spell weekend without the third e,” referencing the Canadian hitmaker.

Viewers loved the speech. See some of the reaction below and watch the whole thing in the clip above.