Russell Crowe has always had comedy chops.

Over the weekend, the actor retweeted a never-before-seen video that had popped up on Twitter, in which he assures viewers his then-recent shoulder injury was fine while spurting tons of blood.

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Filmed in 2004, Crowe explained the video was produced after experiencing an injury while training for “Cinderella Man”, sending it to director Ron Howard and the studio to “relax them.”

“I know you’re probably anxious,” Crowe says in the clip, “but I’ve just got to reassure you that, um, everything’s fine. Surgery went great and there isn’t any problem whatsoever.”

But almost immediately, fake blood begins spraying out of his shoulder, all over the white wall behind him.

“According to the surgeon, there’s nothing at all, no problems at all that can’t really be sorted out within a very short time,” he adds.

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Special effects artist Warren Beaton, who also worked on the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy, explained on Twitter that the final blood splatter at the end resulted from fake blood running out and air pressure emptied the hoses.

The video itself was produced for Howard’s birthday. Beaton compared it to a “Monty Python” sketch, calling the making of it “the BEST fun Special Effects morning EVER!”