John Legend isn’t holding back his criticism of Tucker Carlson.

In a tweet thread on Monday, the singer called out the Fox News host and other right-wing commentators for pushing the “evil ideology” known as Great Replacement theory.

He began by retweeting a clip reel assembled by “The Mehdi Hasan Show” of Carlson promoting the theory, a white nationalist conspiracy theory claiming elites in western countries are aiding the demographic and cultural replacement of white populations with non-white, mostly Muslim people from the Middle East and Africa.

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According to Legend, Tucker and others’ dissemination of the theory continues to “poison the minds of millions,” adding, “They have contributed to multiple terrorist massacres,” and calling it “sick and dangerous.”

The tweet comes after a mass shooting in Buffalo, NY, on Saturday, in which the alleged perpetrator referred to the “great replacement” in tweets.

The 18-year-old alleged shooter opened fire at a grocery store in the city, killing 10 people and wounding three more, the majority of whom were Black. In a 180-page manifesto, he reportedly decried a decrease in birth rates among white people, likening it to genocide, and that the shoppers were trying to “ethnically replace my own people.”

Other massacres in recent years have also been tied to the conspiracy theory, including the 2018 mass shooting at a Pittsburgh synagogue that killed 11, where the gunman had blamed Jews for helping immigrant “invaders” enter the U.S.

In a 2019 mass shooting at a Texas Walmart, a white gunman, who had referred to a “Hispanic invasion” of the state, killed 23 people, targeting Hispanic shoppers.

Legend continued on Twitter: “Followers of this ideology have been massacring Jews, Blacks, Asians, Latinos,” and asked when people like Carlson who push the ideology will be ostracized and deplatformed.

“In no other context would a terrorist sympathizing news anchor be allowed to continue to spew this nonsense as the body count continues to mount,” he wrote, asking why “white supremacist terrorist sympathizers get a pass.”

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Other celebrities have also responded to the shooting, including Bieber, who paused his show in Buffalo on Saturday night to address the tragedy.

“As you know, there’s been tragedy in the city, but what we’re gonna do tonight, is we’re gonna honour those people, and I would love if we could just take a moment of silence. That would mean a lot to me,” he told the crowd, referring to the incident as a “racist act of terror.”

Director Rob Reiner also took to Twitter to called out Carlson, Donald Trump, and others, regarding the Buffalo shooting.