Keith Urban is giving Ellen DeGeneres a beautiful send-off.

On Tuesday’s “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”, the country singer makes his final appearance on the show, and treats the host to an intimate performance.

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First, though, DeGeneres brings up the fact that when asked who her ‘dream duet partner” would be, Dolly Parton named Urban.

“It’s so sweet,” he says. “I think she just meant⁠ — I come from working-class parents and a rural kind of background in Australia…. She’s sung with me a few times and the first time I met her it was surreal because I grew up singing her songs.”

Later in the interview, DeGeneres asks if Urban would grace everyone with a song, bringing out a guitar for him to strum.

The singer performs a beautiful rendition of his hit “Blue Ain’t Your Color”. Afterward, Urban gifts the host with his very own guitar.

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“This is a 1960 Gibson Les Paul Jr. that I’ve had for a long time, it’s on a lot of records, shout-out to all my family at the Opry in Nashville,” he says, unwrapping some tape over the guitar, uncovering a long message from him to Ellen.

“Dearest darling Ellen, you’ve been a believer in me and my music since 2004, when I first came on your show,” Ellen says, reading out the note. “Today is the 20th time you’ve invited me to be here. I’m deeply grateful for all the years of laughs, conversations, weird a** cologne commercials and your passionate support. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I wish you the love and light on your journey ahead. Your friend, always, Keith Urban.”

His wife Nicole Kidman also signed the back of the guitar.