Ciara admitted there’s one downside to moving to Denver, Colorado.

The singer’s husband Russell Wilson was traded from the Seattle Seahawks to the Denver Broncos back in March, and Ciara spoke about the move on Monday’s “Late Late Show”.

She told James Corden of dealing with the change in altitude, “Oh my goodness, you feel it. My last rehearsals was crazy. I was, like, ‘I need a break.’

“We had a couple breaks in the schedule, like, just take a moment and pause and breathe. You can really feel it. Going upstairs is like I literally worked out for one hour.”

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Ciara added, “But there’s an advantage to that as well, you know. Training there for a good bit, then you’re going to be ready for the opponents, you’re going to be ready for when it’s time to hit the stage. I had extra wind. I was like, ‘Let’s go!'”

She said of whether Wilson feels the benefits: “I mean, I’m just saying, I’m kinda competitive so I think there is an advantage to that, you know what I mean? How could it not be?”

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Fellow guest Jenna Dewan responded, “Yes, because then when you actually get to your performance you are extra extra.”

Ciara went on, “You’re conditioning at an abnormal altitude, so you’re, like, really extra – you have strong endurance. Like, you’re really ready.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Ciara also spoke about being on the cover of the 2022 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition, with Corden presenting her with a copy so she could see it for the first time.