Tucker Carlson is taking heat from the host of Global’s “The Late Show”.

On Monday night’s episode, Stephen Colbert opened his monologue by addressing the massacre at a Buffalo grocery store, in which a gunman fired on shoppers, killing 10 and wounding three.

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He explained how the alleged perpetrator had written a manifesto describing his belief in so-called “replacement theory”, a conspiracy theory that claims white people are being deliberately demographically replaced by non-white people.

“So where does anyone get an idea that monstrous?” Colbert asked. “Well, it used to be only from the farthest right-wing fringe organizations … but these days, you can see it every night on TV, thanks to Fox News host and deer caught masturbating in the headlights Tucker Carlson.”

Colbert cited a New York Times report stating that “replacement theory is a central theme on Tucker Carlson’s show” and that his producers found raw materials for the show “from the same dark corners of the internet that the Buffalo suspect did.”

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The host didn’t directly ascribe blame for the shooting on Carlson, but did have strong words about his complicity in spreading theories the alleged shooter parroted.

“Now, that doesn’t mean Tucker’s responsible for what happened, but I would hope it would give anyone pause to find out that their browser history matches that of a mass murderer,” Colbert said. “If I found out that Jeffrey Dahmer was really into ‘The Lord of the Rings’, I might switch over to the ‘Narnia’ stuff.”

And it’s not just Carlson or Fox News, as Colbert pointed out.

“Fifty per cent of Republicans agree with this garbage,” he said, indicting Republican elected officials who have publicly spread similar ideas.

In recent days, others have also called out Carlson for his role in spreading the conspiracy theory, including John Legend and Rob Reiner.