Chris Noth is no longer a part of the “Sex and the City” universe, and that also holds true for his now-nonexistent relationship with former co-star Sarah Jessica Parker.

Noth’s character, Mr. Big, was killed off in the first episode of the 2022 continuation series “And Just Like That…” but plans for a beyond-the-grave cameo in the season finale were quashed after Noth was hit with allegations of sexual assault from multiple women.

During a joint interview with husband Matthew Broderick the spouses gave to The Hollywood Reporter, Parker was asked about the allegations made against the actor, who played her love interest in the original series, two movies and then briefly in “And Just Like That…”.

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“I don’t even know if I’m ready to talk about it, but I don’t think… I wasn’t reacting as a producer,” said Parker, who is both star and exec producer of “And Just Like That…”.

“I should have worked on this because I’m just… it’s just…” she continued, grasping for words.

Asked if she’s spoken to Noth since the allegations were made public, Parker offered a definitive response.

“No,” she said.

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Previously, Parker and co-stars Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis issued a joint statement addressing the allegations.