Ellen DeGeneres is getting a huge surprise.

On Wednesday’s show, Chrissy Teigen and John Legend stop by unannounced, giving the host a good shock and sending the audience into raptures.

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With only one chair put out for a guest, Teigen sits on her husband’s lap for the appearance.

“We were going to make a video and congratulate you on your wonderful run,” Legend explains, “and we decided, why don’t we just come over?”

“I like that better,” DeGeneres says, all smiles. “I love you both, and because we’re running out of time and I didn’t see your names on the board, and I’m like, ‘I’m not going to see them before the show’s over?'”

Teigen says, “It was weird even being behind that wall and knowing we’re never going to run out of it ever again.”

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Asked how she’s feeling, the host admits, “Really emotional. Today I’m better. Yesterday I was a mess, I was crying. It depends on the day. It’s 19 years, it’s, like, a long, long time.”

“A beautiful 19 years,” Legend notes.

DeGeneres also looks back on Legend’s earliest appearance on her show, when she referred to him as an “up-and-coming musician,” showing an old photo of them together.

Asked how old he was at the time, Legend says he was 25 or 26, adding, “I’m 43 now, just for perspective.”