Halsey briefly halted their show in West Palm Beach, Florida, on Tuesday.

The singer was 30 minutes into her set at the iThink Financial Amphitheatre when they suddenly stopped the music.

It’s not clear what Halsey stopped the show for, but they were seen on video asking: “What’s wrong?”

They added in the clip shared by TMZ: “I didn’t think I was going to have to do that until a couple more days into the tour, dammit.”

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Halsey went on, “While I have you I just want to make a statement… make a reminder, you know. I know we’ve all been locked inside for a long time and forgot how to act like f**king people. But, everybody is here because they love the same thing you do so make sure you treat them with compassion, community.”

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An audience member told the publication that there was “no obvious evidence” of a crowd swarm.

Halsey continued, “All of us are here because we love the same thing, we hate the same thing. Because your girlfriend dragged you here, that’s fine, too. You love your girlfriend. I love your girlfriend. We can talk about that later in the set.”

The star then started singing “You Should Be Sad” from the beginning, telling fans: “Let’s try that one more time, huh?”