Harry Styles is sharing the writing process behind his music.

The singer spoke on “The Howard Stern Show” about the new music on his album Harry’s House, as well as the inspiration behind his songs.

The host Howard Stern brought up the song “Cinema” which he described as “a real love song”.

“You met your present girlfriend [Olivia Wilde], she was directing you in a movie. And you are in love,” he began, via E! News. “Clearly, from this I can see this is real love…When you write a song like this about your girlfriend, do you take it to her and say, ‘Listen to this baby. I wrote this about you?’ How do you present it to her?”

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The two began dating after they met on the set of “Don’t Worry Darling” in January 2021, which Wilde directs.

Styles has been notoriously secretive about his relationships and played off Stern’s question.

“When I write songs, they kind of start out just, I guess, mine,” the singer shared. “I think it’s important to write from what you’re going through at the time and trying to turn life into what you make. I guess it’s like, the most you can kind of capture a moment is kind of being true to that.”

Stern continued pursuing his line of questioning, however, hoping to get a comment on the relationship.

“This is no bulls–t ‘Love Me Do,'” he said. “I did a movie. I fell in love with everyone on the movie… isn’t it the greatest aphrodisiac? It’s the easiest place to fall in love. You fell in love on a movie set?”

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The talk show host starred in 1997’s “Private Parts”.

“Oh wow, how to answer this question?” Styles joked. “I had a wonderful experience being directed by Olivia. I think there is something that obviously…acting is kind of very uncomfortable at times. I think you have to trust a lot.”

“Being able to trust your director is a gift,” he added. “That was very helpful and it really meant for kind of a really nice experience working on that movie.”