Harry Styles is shedding some light on rumours that a song on his new album is about his ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift.

Styles, 28, sat down with legendary shock jock Howard Stern on Wednesday for Stern’s SiriusXM radio show, where Stern asked Styles about fan theories that claim the track “Daylight” off his new album Harry’s House is about none other than Taylor Allison Swift, as Billboard reports.

Before getting to that question, however, Styles told the radio host that “Daylight” is one of his favourite tracks on the album, and that it was created in a “stream of consciousness” moment during a late night session in the recording studio. The “As It Was” rocker recalled that his band started working on the song but were eager to go to bed after a long day until Styles insisted they continue to work until the song was completed.

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“‘We have to find a way to finish this now,'” he said he thought at the time, sensing that the song wouldn’t be the same if it was put on ice until the morning. Styles and his band ended up pulling an all-nighter and celebrated by watching the sunrise on the beach.

Turning to how the song could be about Swift, Stern referred to lyrics from the track. “Reading your horoscope, you were doing cocaine in my kitchen/ You never listen/ I hope you’re missing me by now/ If I was a bluebird I would fly to you/ You be the spoon, dip you in honey so I can stick to you,” Stern said, quoting lyrics. Styles confirmed that, like the lyrics suggest, the song is about a woman who blows him off, leaving him feeling frustrated.

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When Stern continued and pointed out that Styles’ ex-girlfriend Swift also has a track called “Daylight” (on her album Lover), the former One Direction-er apparently popped a grin.

“You’re smiling,” Stern said to Styles. But the singer was quick to shut Stern down, replying, “You know I’d love to tell you you’re spot-on, but you’re not.” He added, “We will always wonder.”

Harry’s House drops Friday May 20.