Michelle Obama is going for one last ride with Ellen DeGeneres.

On Thursday’s “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”, the former first lady of the United States stops by and decides to do things a little differently.

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“She doesn’t get out much,” the host explains. “And she hasn’t driven in years, apparently, and she was very, very excited when I took her around the lot on a golf cart. Too excited, really.”

Throwing to a video, the duo get together for a tour around the Warner Bros. lot.

“Where’s my security?” Obama asks, getting into the passenger seat.

Ellen tells her, “We’re gonna lose them.”

First up, they pay a visit to the “Friends” fountain, all set up with the couch from the sitcom’s opening titles for them to grab a selfie.

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After asking if they know the lyrics to the “Friends” theme song, Ellen begins singing the “Three’s Company” theme instead, with Obama joining right along, following it up with “Green Acres” and “The Beverly Hillbillies”.

Getting back to the golf cart, Obama takes the wheel, joking, “I’m on the loose!” as they wave to passersby.

A sudden stop scares Ellen, and Obama lets everyone know, “I haven’t driven in a while.”

As it turns out, her stopping skills don’t get much better from there, but Obama admits, “That was fun.”