Ellen DeGeneres is giving fans a behind-the-scenes look at how she pulls off those hilarious scares on her show.

Over the years, DeGeneres has pricelessly scared numerous celebrities, and since the show is coming to an end, the crew finally reveal their secrets on Thursday’s show.

It all started with Andy Lassner, with the producer admitting: “The more I got scared, the more she found it entertaining” as DeGeneres continued to pop up behind him and scare him at random times.

She then tried it on celebrities.

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The host jokes, “It’s just my way of welcoming people and putting them at ease.”

Favourite scares over the years include Sarah Paulson, Diddy, and Eric Stonestreet.

The team share how they literally dug a tunnel under the scare box to fool Paulson.

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DeGeneres also reveals how she had to keep changing her scare signal so that celebs wouldn’t figure it out.

See more in the clip above, and watch the series finale of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” on May 26.