Karry Washington is making her last ever appearance on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”.

On Thursday’s episode, the “Scandal” star shares that Ellen got her in “a lot of trouble” in a past appearance by asking which of her co-stars she liked to kiss better, Tony Goldwyn or Scott Foley.

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“I thought I was keeping the peace by saying, ‘I don’t like kissing either one of them,'” she recalls. “They were both pretty p**sed for years.”

Laughing, she mimicked the actors saying, “Why would you say that on national television?”

When Ellen points out that she could have said she liked kissing both of them equally, Washington responded, “Who says that? No.”

“Nobody telling the truth,” Ellen jokes. “There’s clearly one better kisser.”

Now that the show is over, the host tries to get her to answer the question again, but Washington keeps silent.

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She also talks about how fans joking about her “Scandal” character Olivia Pope fixing real political issues helped inspire her to activism.

“Real people have so much more power than Olivia Pope, because Olivia Pop is not real,” Washington says. “So she can’t vote, she can’t volunteer, she can’t really change her community.”