Joe Alwyn and Alison Oliver have a lot of reps conversing with one another.

Alwyn and Oliver star in Hulu’s new series “Conversations with Friends”. The co-stars sat down with IMDb to have a chat and ask each other anything. During their conversation, the two discussed Alwyn’s Irish accent in the show.

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“There was a fantastic dialogue coach called Neil Swain and another actually one called Judith McSpadden and they helped me a lot,” Alwyn said. “The type of accent is a South Dublin, middle class accent which is weirdly quite anglicized anyway and it’s where Lenny [Abrahamson] is from.

“But I listened to a lot of people from that area who also happen to be actors like Andrew Scott, Tom Vaughn-Lawlor. I did that and then I crossed my fingers, and here we are.”

The co-stars also dished on their preference for phone calls over texts when conversing with buddies.

“I think we sadly all text slightly more than we do speak on the phone,” Alwyn said. “But I do like speaking more face to face or on the phone. Rather than everything becoming an emoji.

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“I am kinda the same as you,” Oliver said. “I prefer a phone call. You really feel like you’ve spoken to someone then.”

“Conversations with Friends” premiered on May 15.