A new trailer for the gay romantic comedy “My Fake Boyfriend” dropped on Thursday and the movie, starring Kenyan Lonsdale, Dylan Sprouse and Sarah Hyland, promises a screwball look at modern dating with social media playing a major part.

Lonsdale stars as Andrew, a man with a major problem: he can’t stay away from the toxic boyfriend who just dumped him. Embroiled in this on-again, off-again ‘sitautionship’ he can’t seem to extricate himself from, Andrew gets an unsolicited helping hand from his meddling friends played by Dylan Sprouse and Sarah Hyland. Their solution? Creating a perfect fake boyfriend on social media called simply, “Cristiano.”

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At first, Cristiano liberates and empowers Andrew by making his ex jealous. But as Cristiano goes viral and becomes a worldwide sensation, Andrew meets his real-life dream guy, Rafi, a charming restaurant owner. Andrew is left struggling to end his fake fling, evade his jealous ex, and win Rafi’s heart.

Directed by Rose Troche from a script by Luke Albright, Joe Wanjai Ross and Greg Boaldin, “My Fake Boyfriend” will debut on Amazon’s Prime Video on June 17.

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The movie was produced by Lionsgate and BuzzFeed studios who recently partnered to create scripted content geared towards Millennial and Gen-Z audiences.

The release of the “My Fake Boyfriend” trailer comes just one day after the first trailer for Billy Eichner’s gay rom-com “Bros” debuted.