Saweetie shares her experience with racism.

She has a Black father and a mother of Filipina and Chinese descent. In a new interview for the May 2022 digital issue of Glamour UK, the “Best Friend” rapper opens up about her experiences growing up.

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“It’s something that I’ve witnessed since I was a kid,” Saweetie says. “I watched my dad get pulled over for no reason, get out of the car and him having to appear less of a man. He’s Superman to me, but when the cops come and pull him over, he has to confine to a certain type of submissiveness.

“It’s always angered me, experiencing that, watching the videos. But I’m actually thankful that we have phones now, because now the world is witnessing what Black and Brown and Asian communities go through behind the scenes.”

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Saweetie also discusses the benefits of the Crown Act introduced in California in 2019 which prohibits discrimination against people based on hairstyle and hair texture.

“It’ll impact them [people living in the state] for the better,” she says. “I know that a lot of women like us feel like they have to conform in the workplace. I don’t think that’s fair. Because whether your hair is straight, twisty or braided up, the work is going to get done regardless.”