No one was a bigger proponent for Joey and Pacey’s romance on “Dawson’s Creek” than Pacey himself, Joshua Jackson.

The actor, 43, says he fought hard hard for Pacey to end up with Joey, played by Katie Holmes, on the popular teen series. Show creator Kevin Williamson had planned to have Joey end up with Dawson (James Van Der Beek) in the series finale, but Jackson had other ideas.

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“I am the advocate!” he recently told Entertainment Weekly. “I was like ‘Hell no! No. No. No. That’s not gonna work for me,'” he added, referring to Dawson and Joey reuniting in the last episode of the sixth and final season.

“I had a whole conversation with Kevin about this,” Jackson said. “Like, ‘Look, I get it. This is the idea that you had in your head, but I’m just gonna ask you to watch the tale of the tape and this is the more interesting end for these characters.'”

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“Dawson’s Creek” ran for six seasons between 1998 and 2003. Jackson wasn’t sure who Joey would end up with until the very end. “[Kevin Williamson] only came back to write the finale,” Jackson explained. “So, I knew whenever we got the finale script.”

The “Fatal Attraction” star wasn’t the only cast member who thought the pair belonged together. “It felt right to me,” James Van Der Beek told Entertainment Weekly when the cast reunited in 2018. “It seemed like it made more sense.”