Emma Thompson spoke about her body image struggles when preparing for her new film “Good Luck To You, Leo Grande” in a new interview.

In the film, Thompson, 63, plays a retired teacher, Nancy, who has never had an orgasm. So, she hires a sex worker named Leo Grande to help awaken her sexuality.

The actress said while talking at the Berlin Biennale press conference: “Women, you try standing in front of a mirror, take your clothes off – and don’t move. Just accept it, and don’t judge it. It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do.”

Thompson shared, “Women have been brainwashed all our lives to hate our bodies – that’s the fact of it,” the Daily Mail reported.

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The star recently spoke to The Times about the way she sees her own body.

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She said, according to the Mail: “When I’m looking in the mirror, I’m always trying to make myself look ‘better’ – turning this way or that, checking out my a**e, pulling something in. Simply revealing my utter incapacity to accept my body as it is.

“But in the movie, at that point, Nancy’s body has just given her these seconds of pure pleasure and she is marvelling at it – not ‘it’ as it looks, but ‘it’ as it has become to her. A place she can be happy. A place she can find genuine bliss.”

“Good Luck To You, Leo Grande”, directed by Sophie Hyde, streams on Hulu June 17. It previously debuted at the virtual Sundance Film Festival on Jan. 22.

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