Music contains many dimensions for Harry Styles.

This week, the singer sat down for a conversation with SiriusXM’s Mikey Piff to talk about the process of writing and recording his new album Harry’s House.

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Piff pointed out that the song “As It Was”, from the album, sounds on the surface like a happy song, but lyrically it’s actually quite sad.

“I mean, that to me is what is so exciting about music,” Styles said. “I think you can write what at the time can feel like one of your more devastating sentiments, if you will. And it’s not just devastating. I think there’s kind of both ends to it, but then obviously like watching people dance to it is like a thing. It’s fun to explore kind of what music can make you feel. And then obviously if there’s layers to it, kind of exploring it as you live with the music for longer.”

Talking about the song itself, the musician added, “It’s very much about the metamorphosis of life … And I think it’s about, you know, like growing as a person, your kind of natural evolution and losing yourself, finding yourself… There’s a lot of times in life, I think, when different people want us to be different things and stay as one thing. And I think it’s essentially, even if you wanted to, you can’t go back to being the person you were before.”

Talking about the new album, Piff noted that the music felt light, as though there was less pressure on Styles in making it.

“There’s a level of comfort that comes with kind of being okay with what you’ve made and really kind of remembering that what you’ve made is kind of where the importance lies,” Styles explained. “If I was gonna measure my kind of general happiness or my self-worth, or the love of, you know, my friends and the people around me on kind of like the commercial success of this album, then I think I’d be in a very different place. I don’t feel like I necessarily measure any of those things on that. So that is just a really kind of calming place to be putting music out from.”

He adds of the album “It feels much more representative of me in my life. I think, you know, making an album is incredibly naval gazing. It’s very like self-absorbed experience. But I think at times there are things that have affected me that I’ve felt are more important to write about.”

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Looking ahead to what comes next, Styles remarked, “Right now I have no idea what the next album sounds like. That’s a really exciting place to be in.”

Styles also looked back at his career leading up to this point, and why he’s glad to have slowed down a bit as he’s gotten older.

“I don’t feel like I necessarily took the time to appreciate all that was happening,” he said. “I definitely didn’t take the time to celebrate things when they were good. And I think a lot of the time when good things would happen, it felt like a relief that I hadn’t like failed. And I think now, and going forward, I’m just trying to always work at being more present and appreciate the moments as they’re happening and kind of be in the moment.”

Talking about the support he’s received from his audience over the years, Styles added, “I’d say I’m just incredibly grateful for the emotional generosity that I’ve been gifted by all of the fans and people around me. So, thank you to all of you.”