The stars of “The Hills” once had a funny encounter with Amber Heard.

On Heather McDonald’s “Juicy Scoop” podcast this week, Spencer Pratt shared the story of the time the “Aquaman” actress rejected his co-star Brody Jenner at a Club.

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“We were like 20 in a club. Brody and I go up, and Brody’s gonna hit on Amber. She just moved out here from Texas, and we’re quizzing her. He’s trying to, you know, date her or go on a date — however Brody would like it worded,” he recalled.

Paraphrasing the incident, Pratt said, “She’s like, ‘I’m not going on a date with you.’ And he’s like, ‘Huh?’ And she’s like, ‘I’m already dating a famous director. I’m gonna be a movie star. I wouldn’t dare go on a date [with you].’”

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Jenner apparently responded, bizarrely, by pointing to a mole on Heard’s arm.

“What you should do is get to a doctor and get that mole removed because that looks cancerous,” Pratt recalled Jenner telling her.

Heard has lately been in court for her defamation trial against ex-husband Johnny Depp, who she has accused of abusing her during their relationship.