Lizzo is clearing up the rumours about special guests on her upcoming album.

The singer spoke on “The Spout Podcast” about her new music and her mission to change perceptions about body image in the industry.

She’s been hard at work on her new album Special, even writing songs just two months ago – her hit track “About Damn Time” was actually the last song she wrote.

“I felt like it was urgent,” she said. “I wrote the song like two months ago. And mind you, I’ve been working on this album for three years, so this is technically and literally the last song I wrote for the album, and it felt like, okay, put this out right now. The world needs this. You need this right now. This song is about just how much we’ve been through collectively as a people, but also personally, and how we need to take a moment to ourselves to refuel and and celebrate our survival and celebrate life.”

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The internet is already buzzing about the much-anticipated album, even generating rumours that Lizzo will be collaborating with the likes of Harry Styles, whom she recently duetted with at Coachella, on the new music.

“That is so funny. The internet going to internet. That’s all I’ll say about that,” she said in response to the rumour.

But Styles is not the only celebrity said to be featured, fans also suspect Lizzo’s crush Chris Evans will also make an appearance.

“I literally hit him up and was like, play piano on my album and he just said, ‘Ha Ha’, she revealed. “It would have been really cool, but unfortunately not this time.”

While she had to shoot down the rumours, Lizzo promises fans Special will still be full of “really good music.”

“I think people are going to be really surprised at how many love songs are on this album,” she said.

The Singer recently branched into television with her reality show “Watch Out For The Big Grrrls” which has taken the number 1 slot on Prime Video. The show continues to preach her message of body acceptance which is partly why she thinks it’s so successful.

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“I think it’s because of the stories,” Lizzo explained. “I couldn’t have found better human beings to represent the big girls. They are so talented, so beautiful, and so willing to be vulnerable. And I think vulnerability is, you know, everyone has like a bulls–t detector these days, like, we can read through bulls–t. And I think none of these girls are bullish. All of these girls are 100% real. And I think people really connect with that.”

Lizzo just hoped that after years of struggling with her own self-perception, she could create space for others to come to love themselves.

“I worked hard for years. Lots of prayers, meditation, therapy, books, loneliness, tears, late nights, anxiety, and stress. And it was hard. And I wanted to be the kind of person, an artist, that could create avenues and lanes so people could find that unconditional self-love easier without the pain that I experienced,” she added.  “I want to make loving yourself easier for the next generation so that one day it’s not even a conversation; it comes naturally.”

Listen to the full interview on “The Spout Podcast“.