Wendy Williams is firing back after a court put a guardian in charge of her finances at the request of Wells Fargo.

Williams has been embroiled in a legal battle with Wells Fargo over access to her bank accounts for much of 2022. The proceedings stemmed from Williams’ attempt to switch banking institutions after she suspected her financial advisor of misconduct. Wells Fargo refused to grant Williams access to her accounts and made a petition to a New York court, arguing that Williams is an “incapacitated person” and a “victim of undue influence and financial exploitation.”

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The newly-appointed financial guardian, put in place on Thursday, will oversee Williams’ finances at least until July.

“Wendy doesn’t agree with a financial guardian being appointed,” Williams’ lawyer La’Shawn Thomas told The Hollywood Reporter. “If it’s the court’s intention to have one appointed over her affairs for the long haul, she definitely isn’t going to accept that.”

Thomas added that he suspects “there’s something someone has done with [Williams’] money” and that Wells Fargo is “attempting to hide something.”

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“Wendy feels that she is capable of hiring her own financial advisors who work for and report to her and not to the court,” Thomas said. “We believe that this story has been put forth in an attempt to lessen the public outcry and regulatory scrutiny mounting around Wells Fargo due to their actions.”

Wells Fargo has yet to publicly comments on these accusations.

As for Williams’ physical health, Thomas says that, after undergoing treatment for Graves’ disease and thyroid issues, Williams is currently doing “really, really good.”