Sebastian Stan dropped by Friday’s edition of “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert”, where he discussed his recent role playing Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee in Hulu’s “Pam & Tommy”.

Arguably the most memorable scene features Stan-as-Lee having a heart-to-heart conversation with his own penis, a prosthetic puppet that talked back, voiced by actor Jason Mantzoukas.

While Colbert appeared confused by the scene, Stan contended such a conversation wasn’t that unusual.

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“Man-to-man, I’m sure you can relate to that, right? I mean, there must have been once or twice where you might have relied on the old friend for a thing or two, right?” Stan quipped.

“It’s actually a very sweet scene because it’s a love confession to some extent,” Stan added, explaining that the drummer’s conversation with his member was actually his way of processing that he’d fallen in love with Pamela Anderson (played in “Pam & Tommy” by Lily Collins.

“He’s realizing he’s in love with this woman,” Stan said, “and he’s telling his best friend. ‘Don’t let me down, buddy.’”

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