Mike Myers can currently be seen playing multiple characters in “The Pentaverate”, his new conspiracy comedy series for Netflix.

His promotional efforts for the new show found him joining Stephen Colbert this week on “The Late Show”, where he also discussed the comedic chemistry he shared with Dana Carvey, who played Garth to his Wayne on numerous “Saturday Night Live” sketches and two “Wayne’s World” movies.

As Myers told Colbert, he and Carvey were part of the “SNL” 40th-anniversary special back in 2015, where they resurrected their “Wayne’s World” characters for a new sketch.

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As they waited backstage in preparation for their performance, they wound up watching the special’s in-memoriam segment. At that point, Myers recalled, he became “very very sad” when their “SNL” co-star Jan Hooks was mentioned in the segment, following her recent death just a few months earlier.

Referencing their placement in the show, Myers told Colbert that he turned to Carvey and asked, “Are we dead now that we’re going on after the who’s-died thing?”

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Carvey offered a defiant response. “And Dana went, ’No, f**k ’em, we’re gonna kick their a**,’” Myers said.

“I was like, ‘Dude that’s exactly right’ and we went out there and ― boom ― just knocked ’em dead,” Myers added. “That’s what I love about Dana.”

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