Ricky Gervais dropped by “Late Night with Seth Meyers” this week, where the conversation gravitated to future medical technology that could allow someone’s head to be cryogenically frozen and later grafted onto a new body.

According to Gervais, he’d be all in to get a new body attached to his head. “I don’t really care about this rubbish,” he said, gesturing to his body.

“Statistically, I will get a bigger penis,” Gervais quipped, causing host Seth Meyers to crack up. “It won’t be mine,” he added, wincing.

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Meyers asked Gervais how long it he thought it would take before he felt comfortable with his new appendage.

“I wouldn’t be comfortable, although it wouldn’t be my hand either,” he replied. “So I just close my eyes. I just go with the feeling.”

Joked Meyers, “If that’s the last hurdle for science, I hope they watch this.”

The exchange begins just after the five-minute mark in the video above.