In addition to being spouses and musical collaborators, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are also co-stars on “1883”, the new “Yellowstone” prequel streaming on Paramount+.

McGraw and Hill saw down with Marc Malkin for Variety‘s “Just for Variety” podcast to discuss the show, with McGraw admitting he may have gotten a bit too “method” when playing a character living in the 1880s.

“There were a few times that my wife forced me to take a shower while we were shooting, because I wanted to stay in character as best I could,” McGraw recalled. “She’s like, ‘I don’t care about method. You stink!’”

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For the role, McGraw also grew a bushy beard, which initially wound up being too grey for the character he was playing.

“When I grow my beard out, it’s completely white,” McGraw explained.

“So the hardest part was keeping that thing dyed,” he added. “So showing up and doing a [concert] and having this big old beard on, and I’d put on like 10 pounds during the filming of the show, just to look more like the part. To show up and put on these tight jeans and have this big dark, dyed beard, and have the script in my head and trying to remember words, I just didn’t feel comfortable at all. It was tough to do.”

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The complete interview can be heard below.