At a young age, JoJo Siwa has already built up an impressive résumé.

Despite all she’s accomplished, however, there is one specific dream on her vision board that she hopes to one day fulfill.

While appearing on Thursday’s (May 19) episode of “The Tonight Show”, where the performer celebrated her golden 19th birthday, Siwa told host Jimmy Fallon about one of her biggest career goals.

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“My dream is to play Lady Gaga in a biopic of her life some day,” Siwa said. “Now if that doesn’t happen, my next dream is to just be a backup dancer for her for one day.”

Siwa noted that she knows “about 20 to 25 Lady Gaga dances that she does at her concerts.”

She went on to explain that she shares the same choreographer, Richy Jackson, as the “Rain On Me” singer, and that she frequently reminds him to call her to step in if one of Gaga’s dancers is ever sick or injured.

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Check out Siwa’s full interview in the clip above.