“The Simpsons” just gave viewers a lesson in American economic history, with a little help from Hugh Jackman.

On Sunday’s season finale, Jackman voiced a janitor who helps explain, through the power of song, the slow collapse of the U.S. middle class to Bart Simpson

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Learning about the difficulties facing American working people, Bart sings, “What do you want me to do?” to which Jackman’s janitor answers, “Burn it.”

“Hmm, I do enjoy destroying things,” Bart acknowledges, throwing his clothes unto a grill and pulling out a match before Jackman stops him to say, “I meant the system, burn it down and then reform it. It’s a metaphor.”

Though as Bart pants out, he doesn’t know what a metaphor is thanks to America’s failing public education system.

In another scene, Bart goes to work at the Springfield power plant with his dad, commenting, “Oh man, what a gig. Homer’s got it made.”

“He sure does,” Jackman tells him, adding, “Hate to burst your bubble kid, but the kind of job your dad has just doesn’t exist anymore,” before beginning a song about 20th century labour history in the United States.

In a big musical number, Jackman is joined by former U.S. Labor Secretary Robert Reich, who explains, “The decline of unions, rampant corporate greed, Wall Street malfeasance and the rise of shortsighted politics all contributed to increased economic inequality, widespread real unemployment, wage stagnation, and a lower standard of living for millions of Americans.”

The musical number also calls out everyone from Fox News to Facebook for creating the conditions for American decline.

“Facebook feeds our fright/They convince us things were great/When gas was cheap and men were white,”  a gathered crowd sings, as a character who appears to be Mark Zuckerberg pushes a button labelled “death of democracy.”

The likeness of Tucker Carlson was also featured, announcing, “Putin for president, next on Fox News.”

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On Twitter, fans applauded to episode for tackling serious issues of economic stagnation for the middle class with a heavy dose of laughs.