At a press conference for his new film “Crimes of the Future” at the Cannes Film Festival, Canadian director David Cronenberg was asked about the film’s politics and the abortion debate in America.

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Cronenberg explained that while the film isn’t overtly political, it does resonate with the current events, in particular the U.S. Supreme Court appearing poised to overturn the Roe v. Wade precedent protecting abortion rights.

“In a non-obvious way [the film] is about who owns whose body,” he explained, according to The Hollywood Reporter, adding that in Canada, “We think everybody in the U.S. is completely insane and cannot believe elected officials are saying the things they are saying.”

As for whether he has plans for more horror films down the road, Cronenberg joked, “I hope to commit a few more cinematic crimes before I’m finished.”

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During the press conference the director also recalled turning down an opportunity to direct the original “Top Gun” in the ’80s.

“In the past, when I had a career, people offered me things [but] although I like machinery, I did a film called ‘Fast Company’ (1979) which nobody talks about, about drag racing, so I could see why they might think I would be interested [in directing ‘Top Gun’],” he said. “But for two hours to watch the movie, great. But to spend two years working on it. No, thanks.”