Zac Brown Band’s John Driskell Hopkins is opening up about his ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) diagnosis.

The musician, who recently told fans about his health in a social media video surrounded by his bandmates, spoke about what first went through his mind when he learned he had the disease in December 2021.

He said on “Good Morning America”: “I don’t believe that I have ever truly had anxiety until this. I am super blessed to have this many incredible people that are lifting me up and it makes it better. It makes me feel less worried and far less anxious. I have sort of shaken the anxiety.”

Hopkins, 51, who lives in Atlanta with his wife of 14 years, Jennifer, and their three daughters, Sarah Grace, 13, and twins Lily Faith and Margaret Hope, 10, first noticed a decline in his motor functions 3 years ago.

He shared, “I’m starting to slur, right now I feel pretty good today but I can’t jump up from the chair and run down the hallway, I would fall. I am wearing half my costume all night because it takes me a little longer to button things and I can’t jog down the hall after everyone else.”

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Hopkins, who has managed to join Zac Brown Band on their “Out In The Middle” tour, insisted of music defining his life, “If I can’t pick up a guitar, then maybe I can program one. I don’t think music will ever not be a part of my life. Even if it’s just making a mixtape.”

The star, who is now dedicating his time to helping find a cure for the disease, also spoke to People about making his peace with the unknown ahead of him.

He said, “No one knows what the condition will be like going forward, so we can’t sit around and cry about it.”

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Hopkins revealed he first started experiencing symptoms, “at 48, you just say, ‘Ah, I can’t jump anymore.'”

However, when his symptoms worsened, his wife Jennifer said they knew they had to “dig deeper.”

Hopkins, who has adopted a gluten and dairy-free diet since the diagnosis, insisted of the future, “I’m ready to fight this disease.

“I want to show my girls what a warrior their dad is.”

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