One chapter of Mandy Moore’s life is ending as another begins.

In a new interview with InStyle, Moore opens up about saying goodbye to Rebecca Pearson as “This Is Us” ends its six-season run this week while reigniting her singing career with plans to embark on a major tour.

“It feels very much in line with where I am in my own life and the kinds of entertainment that I enjoy,” Moore told InStyle of “This Is Us”. “Being able to put something positive and hopeful and feeling-ful out into the world is very special.”

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Next up for Moore is the release of her new album Real Life and an accompanying concert tour, on which she’ll be joined by husband Taylor Goldsmith and their baby son Gus.

“I kind of feel like that’s been the bulk of my career and life is just juggling between multiple different hats and just staying present and focused on what I’m doing at any given moment,” Moore said of the experience of jumping from a long-running TV show to going on tour.

“So, I’m excited to have the cathartic emotional opportunity to process my feelings about the end of this very seminal chapter of my life and being able to celebrate this chapter and this new music and going on the road with my family, all of that is very special,” she added.

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The complete interview can be read in its entirety in the latest issue of InStyle.