Princess Charlene is sharing some adorable behind-the-scenes photos as she gets her daughter Gabriella all glammed-up.

The royal shared a photo of the two on Instagram as they got ready for a fashion show during Monte Carlo Fashion Week.

She captioned the post, “I loved every moment preparing my Princess for her first official event. We’re looking forward to a great evening at the fashion awards. ❤️”

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A picture of the mother lovingly embracing her 7-year-old daughter accompanied the post. Charlene wears a pearl white silk dress while Gabriella looks adorable in an asymmetric floral-patterned gown.

Monte Carlo Fashion Week is in full swing in Monaco, with the highlight being the MCFW Fashion Awards Ceremony being held Tuesday.

While it’s not Gabriella’s first time attending an event, it’s her first time at the Fashion Week with her mother.

Her parents, Princess Charlene and Prince Albert of Monaco, previously told People how they’re hoping to introduce their children slowly to their royal duties.

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“Our parents took us on official trips early, but we didn’t feel they were official trips. When we were young, they would go off and do some sort of serious thing. Then they would be with us in the off-time. There was a lot of value to that,” said Albert.

“Jacques and Gabriella are still at the age when there’s an awful lot of discovery, right and left, on these kinds of trips,” he continued. “It’s fabulous to have these kinds of memories with them.”