Bruno Mars has a surprise for Ellen DeGeneres as he makes his final appearance on her show Wednesday.

The singer helps DeGeneres kick off her penultimate show by bringing her a piña colada.

He then discusses his very first performance on the show 12 years ago and how it helped put him on the map.

Mars, who learned how to edit videos during quarantine, shares a tribute montage of his favourite moments from her show.

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The musician shares, “I don’t know if you know this but I direct all my music videos. But when it comes to editing I always have to be with somebody, so I figured I’ll take this time [to] learn how to edit things… so you can save money.

“I edited something that’s kind of like a tribute to you. I worked really hard on it. I’d love to give it you as a gift and also show the audience. This took me a while, but I got the hang of it and I’m editing everything from here on out.”

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However, the vid hilariously includes more of Mars and less of DeGeneres. He also hands over a special picture as a gift which gives off a similar vibe.

See more in the clip above.