Even Tom Hiddleston was surprised by how much fans loved him singing in Norwegian.

On Tuesday night, the “Loki” star appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” and addressed the viral success of the song, which even climbed the world music charts last year.

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“Completely unprecedented,” he said of the success. “That’s never happened. I didn’t see that coming.”

In the show, the song was presented as an Asgardian song, but as Hiddleston explained, “It was actually in Norwegian. As a kind of nod to the fact that Loki is a Norse god.”

Talking about learning the song in just four days, the actor recalled, “I was so worried I was going to offend a whole nation of people.”

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Despite learning to sing the song in another language, Hiddleston clarified that he doesn’t actually know how to speak Norwegian.

“I speak the words of that song,” he said, reciting some of the lyrics.

“It means something like, ‘The trees, they dance and the waterfalls stop when she sings, she sings come home,’” Hiddleston explained. “It was sort of like an old folk song, which Loki could turn into a drinking song.”