Starring in “Shoresy” is a rare treat for Harlan Blayne Kytwayhat.

Kytwayhat (“Tribal”) has portrayed other Indigenous peoples in film and television. Portraying Sanguinet in the new “Letterkenny” spin-off is a fresh opportunity to portray a character more closely aligned with his background. Kytwayhat has noticed a meaningful spark in acting opportunities for Indigenous peoples in recent years.

“It’s getting there for sure. It’s right around the corner for more. I’m Kree myself. I’ve played other Indigenous peoples before and I want hopefully, one day in the future, for those people to represent themselves,” Kytwayhat tells ET Canada. “That’s what I really want. Right now we have different nations representing each other.”

Starring alongside Kytwayhat is “The 100” star Tasya Teles. Born to a Canadian mother of Ukranian descent, Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine is at front of mind.

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“It’s just wild,” Teles says. “I remember exactly where I was when I heard that Russia invaded. Before it was sort of looming. I called my mom and my family immediately and you have this visceral reaction that happens. I was upset, of course, and then it stayed with me. I got to thinking about how I could help and what could I do.

“I’m working with some people to do fundraising campaigns and stuff like that. I think there just can be more action from the international community. We can’t just be invading other countries with no response. I think we have the resources to step it up and I think that we should because that’s what we do as a global community.”

And joining Teles and  Kytwayhat in the spin-off is Jared Keeso, who returns to the franchise as the titular “Shoresy”, finally putting a face to Shoresy’s familiar voice. Kytwayhat and Teles portray new characters and they are mindful of the expectations that come with a spin-off of a show as beloved as “Letterkenny”.

“It’s a little, I don’t want to say worrisome — because that sounds negative — but we know there are expectations,” Kytwayhat says. “Some people are already disappointed that they’re seeing Shoresy’s face. But the whole ‘Letterkenny’ vibe is there and we bring some new things to the table as well.”

“There are definitely big shoes to fill and so that is hanging in the air, but we’re in such good hands,” Teles says. “Jared and Jacob do such a great job of keeping things together and they’re so good at what they do. We saw some of the episodes and some of the footage, and it’s really funny and really fun. So I’m really excited to share it.”

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For those looking to sample what is in store, the cast has you covered.

“Sanguinet starts off as a hockey player. Stuff happens, someone gets canned and he ends up being the coach,” Kytwayhat explains.”It’s actually great because he looks to Shoresy for advice and getting pointers. Sanguinet is a shy and reserved guy. Shoresy is helping him come out of his shell.

“Shoresy is not a shy and reserved guy,” Teles adds. “In fact, I play Nat who is the manager of the team. Keeping Shoresy in line is part of the mission and task at hand and part of her troubles.”

“Shoresy” premiered on May 13 in Canada ahead of its U.S. launch on May 27.