Kaley Cuoco recently appeared on “The Late Late Show”, where host James Corden asked her to confirm that “The Big Bang Theory” shot a total of 279 episodes, and her father attended every single one.

“It is true,” Cuoco confirmed. “We had a live studio audience, and he had a director’s chair that had his name on it.”

According to Cuoco, as the show went on, the entire cast and crew came to know her dad, Gary Cuoco, and would give him a thumbs-up greeting.

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“The whole audience ended up doing it,” Cuoco recalled.

“It was like a weekly thing. It was just very special for all of us,” she continued.

“My dad still misses our live tapings at ‘Big Bang’,” she said. “I couldn’t do a show without him, at that point it had been years. I kept thinking, You can’t miss one now, you are part of the show.”