The new film about Elvis Presley is sitting very well with his family.

On Wednesday, Baz Luhrmann’s epic biopic “Elvis” premiered at the Cannes Film Festival, and the legendary singer’s ex-wife Priscilla Presley witnessed the audience’s reaction.

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The 77-year-old, who was married to Elvis from 1967 to 1973, was moved to tears, according to Page Six, as the film received a 12-minute standing ovation.

After hugging the director, she also got a big embrace from a teary-eyed Austin Butler, who plays Elvis in the film.

Priscilla Presley and Austin Butler – David Fisher/Shutterstock
Priscilla Presley and Austin Butler – David Fisher/Shutterstock

Getting the film made just as the pandemic began, Luhrmann admitted he was worried it was “never going to happen.”

“But for the bravery of [Tom Hanks] to come back, and the bravery of his cast, and this crew, to go on through COVID, and to finish this film… and we are back in Cannes.

“And to see these streets so full of people who love movies, of every form of life, of every background, and every kind of movie says so much more about what this place means, and what it means to be back in the cinema. So for that, we are eternally grateful, Cannes.”

Priscilla also attended the big afterparty for the film, sharing in the moment with the cast and crew.

About a month ago, Priscilla shared her approval of the film on Facebook, writing, “The story, as we all know, does not have a happy ending. But I think you will understand a little bit more of Elvis’ journey.”

Her daughter with Elvis, Lisa Marie Presley, also saw the film ahead of time, tweeting earlier this month that it is “absolutely exquisite,” while praising Butler’s performance.

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Lisa Marie’s daughter, actress Riley Keough, also spoke about the emotional reaction she had to “Elvis”, telling Variety that she cried within the first five minutes.

“I could feel how much work Baz and Austin put into trying to get it right,” she said. “That made me emotional immediately…. I felt honoured they worked so hard to really get his essence, to feel his essence. Austin captured that so beautifully.”

“Elvis” opens in theatres June 24.