Testimony in the defamation trial involving Amber Heard and Johnny Depp has come to a close.

On Thursday, Heard took the stand to testify one last time before closing arguments on Friday, describing the harassment she has faced amid the legal battle with her ex-husband.

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“I am harassed, threatened, humiliated … every single day,” she said, through tears. “People want to kill me and they tell me so. Every day. People want to put my baby in the microwave. They tell me that. Johnny threatened – promised me – that if I ever left him, I’d make him think of him every singe day that I lived.

“Every single day I have to relive the trauma. My hands shake, I wake up screaming. My friends have to live with a set of unspoken rules about how to not touch me, not to surprise me. My partners have rules about how they can deal with me, how they can touch me … I have rules with doctors that I see, gynecologists I see … people I’m training with to do a combat scene for ‘Aquaman’, a trigger happens, I have a meltdown and have to deal with that and the crew has to deal with that.”

The actress also directly blamed Depp for those who harass her online.

“Johnny has enlisted thousands of people to torture me every day,” she said. “I’m not sitting in this courtroom snickering. This is horrible and this is painful and this is humiliating for any human being.”

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During cross-examination by Depp’s lawyer, Heard denied having said anything that was untrue during her testimony throughout the trial.

After the lawyer suggested she tipped off TMZ to get photos of bruises when she was filing a restraining order against her ex, Heard responded, “I did not call TMZ or any paparazzi. Absolutely not. What actual survivor of domestic violence wants that?”

Reacting to the lawyer bringing up those who have appeared to testify on Depp’s behalf, including Kate Moss earlier this week, Heard said, “I know how many people will come out in support of him. That’s his power. He is a very powerful man, and people love currying favour with powerful men.”