In an interview with Jeff Lewis on SiriusXM, reality star Lala Kent opened up about what led to her split from Randall Emmett last year.

She recalled witnessing her ex partying with two women who were not her.

“It was seven months [after her daughter’s birth], it was him just walking across the street with two girls and my intuition was just like, you couldn’t ignore it,” she said. “I immediately was like, sick to my stomach.”

Kent recalled thinking, “Something’s wrong. This person is not who you think he is. And my intuition was absolutely correct.”

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The “Vanderpump Rules” star also revealed that in the lead-up to her leaving, Emmett became controlling over her time with their daughter, including threatening to call the cops.

“He would threaten to call the police if I didn’t return her and he would give me time periods that I could take her,” Kent said. “I don’t think he knew I was leaving. I think he needed to regain control of me.”

She added, “I’m shaking just thinking about that time period. It was horrific.”

In fact, things got so tense, that Kent claims Emmett began having her watched.

”I was worried that he was having me watched, which he did send people to watch,” she said, “Luckily, they didn’t watch me move out. I packed my stuff probably in four hours.”

Finally, Kent did end up leaving, along with her daughter, saying, “I took my clothes. I went to an Airbnb that I had rented. It was one that I could get quickly and also one that was nice enough that I would enjoy staying there but not break the bank. I stayed there for a little less than a month.”

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Also in the interview, Kent revealed that she has decided to have breast surgery after she gave birth to her daughter and breastfeeding.

“When they said that babies suck the life out of your t**s, they totally do,” she said. “They’re so sad. Like, they’re cute, but I don’t want cute t**s, I want hot t**s.”

She added that she doesn’t plan on making her breasts “too big.”