Jada Pinkett Smith is opening up about her relationship with her mother growing up.

The star spoke about the complicated relationship between mothers and daughters on the newest episode of “Red Table Talk”.

The episode is titled: “How Destructive Mothers Damage Their Daughters: Could This Be You?” and had Smith, her daughter Willow, and her mother Adrienne Banfield Norris in attendance.

Norris opened the conversation by speaking about her relationship with Smith.

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“One of the things that was so missing in my relationship with my mother and with Jada was just touch,” she said.

“Very rarely will you see Jada and I even touch, hug,” she continued. “It’s awkward because we didn’t hug in our family. We knew we were loved, but it just wasn’t that kind of nurturing touch.”

Smith agreed with the notion, adding, “She never cuddled with me.”

The grandmother admitted that she regretted not being more physically affectionate and tried to make up for it with Willow and her other grandchildren.

“It felt so good to be able to have that, and I never had it. When I had it with you, then I missed it with Jada. I realized how much I miss with her,” she told her.

Smith also spoke on the struggles she had growing up despite her confident demeanour.

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“I had to, like, deal with a lot of stressful adult things at a young age. I didn’t have the ability to deal with the emotions that were coming with it. I just had to buck up,” she said.

“So those women you see that you think are so strong, there’s this terrified little girl underneath. And that’s me,” added Smith.